Golf is not one of the most popular sports for British sports fans to bet on, but there are still plenty of us out there that enjoy a little bet on golf every now and then. Not only is it fun to do so, but if Lady Luck smiles on you, you can win quite a sum of money. If you are thinking about starting to bet on golf, then you definitely need to keep on reading before you do so.


What Are the Main Tournaments That You Can Bet On?

when you are getting into golf betting the first thing that you should find out about is the different golf tournaments that you can bet on. If you know when the events are held, you will be able to make sure that you do not miss some golden opportunities to place golf bets. You will be glad to hear that there are many golf competitions that take place over the course of a year, so you will never need to wait too long before your next betting fix. Below we have listed the most popular golfing events as well as the month that they are played. We cannot give you the exact dates though, as these will vary each year.

  • The US Open (June)
  • The Masters (April)
  • The Open (July)
  • Ryder Cup (September)
  • USPGA Championship (August)
  • BMW PGA Championship (May)
  • The Players Championship (May)
  • DP World Tour Championship (November)
  • Tour Championship (August or September)
  • World Golf Championship (Throughout the year as it is a series of 4 events)

A Look at Golf Betting Odds

The average golf tournament has about 140 participants, which is why golf betting fans can often find huge odds on offer. Like with all sports, there will be favourites, those who bookies believe have a good chance, and those who bookies believe really have no hope of winning. Tiger Woods used to be the favourite, but since his retirement it is rare for any golfer to have odds lower than 4.00 to win the event. Thus, nowadays, even betting on a favourite will give you a degree of value. Most participants will have odds that are higher than 101.00 due to how strong the field is.

You should know that golfers can go from rank outsiders to favourites pretty quickly. For instance, one solid finish in a golf event could see a golfer go from 201.00 to 26.00 for the next event. Things also go the other way, which is something that can work in your favour. For example, if a golfer has odds of 16.00 and perform poorly at one competition, the next time they will have much higher odds to win. However, one poor event does not make them a bad player, so placing a bet on them with these higher odds could see you win a nice profit.


Different Markets Available to Bet On

There are many different golf markets that you can place a bet on, which is why golf is increasing in popularity among sports betting fans. Below we shall take a look at some of the most popular markets.

Tournament Winner

Trying to predict the player that will win the competition is the most popular market in golf betting. If the play you select goes on to win, you will win your bet. If they do not go on to win, you will lose your bet. It is that simple.


However, like we said earlier, there are usually more than 140 golfers in a single event, so there is a lot of sense in picking a golfer that is not a favourite and going for an each-way bet instead. This means that you will be placing a wager on that player to win the competition and an equal wager on them to finish top 5 or 6 - this will depend on the sportsbook you have an account with.

Who Will Be Leading After Round One

Do you have a feeling that one of the players will get off to a flyer as they are going to be teeing off first? By being the first one to tee off, a golfer gets the chance to use fresh greens and they do not have any leaderboard pressure on their shoulders. This is a fantastic market as it gives you the opportunity to win with those golfers that are well known for getting off to a scorcher, but crumble later on.

Top Ten or Twenty Finish

There are always golfers who finish in the top ten or twenty by rarely threaten the business end of the table. Due to the fact that they never usually come close to winning anything, many bookies will not care about these golfers, meaning that you can take advantage of some decent odds.

Betting Strategies

The key to not losing a lot of money when placing sports bets is to have a strategy that will always enable you to find value. Below we have provided you with four tips that you should certainly take on board and use when you are making a golf bet.

  • Take a look at the stats
  • Do not place bets on inexperienced golfers
  • Always have a look at the form of a player before betting on them
  • Always take a look at how a golfer has done before on a particular course